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Petra is a positive-minded yoga instructor with focus on 

  • body forming consisting in strengthening the muscles (including those which you didn't know you have and reduction of fat,
  • strengthening the spine and elimination of pain

She leads energetic lessons which also includes the relaxing, but the dynamic sequence too, always in the presence of rhythmic music.

Certified Power yoga instructor of 1st grade, a graduate of training courses in anatomy, physiology, sport nutrition and aromatherapy. In addition to yoga she has several years dedicated to healthy nutrition and fitness exercise, which is also reflected on her lessons. As a lawyer she knows the consequences of sedentary job and high commitment to work, which – with the help of yoga and meditation – she removes and treats. From her own experience she knows that every person should find time for himself because taking care of our body and mind will be always returned in the form of greater efficiency, strength and success in our work. For her – this time for yourself – is yoga.

She has perceived yoga as an inherent part of her daily life for more than seven years and she begins every day on her yoga mat. Positive energy, balance and other positives such as strong and healthy body are the result.

When practicing yoga she aims to teach clients how to – harmonize body and mind, how to accept and love yourself, how to enjoy the moment of being on your own. And when this is fulfilled, those extra kilos easily go down, body is being formed and you become satisfied and confident. "The greatest satisfaction of my yoga practice and teaching brings me exactly those moments when the clients boast that they do not forget breathe deeply and continuously during the day, that they stopped slouch and back anymore and the pain went away or that they bought a new one, smaller size of leggings for yoga because they lost weight." During the entire exercise she cares to respect the regularities of the human body, which are confirmed by modern medicine, since the result of the fancy looking positions are many times injuries and health complications which yoga wants to remedy, not to cause them. Thus in the spirit of the motto:

“The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.” T.K.V. Desikachar

In each client she finds a bit of inspiration, she continually learns and discovers, and has tried yoga everywhere she travels, and always open to learn something new from her yoga teachers - and one of them is Katarína Ježovicová - founder of the concept of Joga zdravo.


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