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Eva Staroň, member of the Joga Zdravo team mostly teaches pregnancy yoga both in group and privately.  

In her previous occupation she used to sit 8 and more hours per day and she felt extremely tired, her muscles were tight and suffered from back-pain. Until a friend of hers took her to a yoga class…

From the very first class she knew that yoga is not just an excellent physical exercise and a way to boost the energy but also the journey towards inner self and learning to accept the life as it is and live it fully. She fell in love with yoga completely. She was practicing herself in different studios and different styles and was trying to find the right thing for her. She likes dynamic style, strength and challenge – no wonder she stuck to Vinyasa Flow Yoga that she was practicing with Duncan Peak in Sydney Australia, where she was living at that time. His lessons made her to realize how our thoughts and thinking patterns and feelings influence our lives and represent obstacles towards the unwrapping the own potential. She decided to deepen her knowledge and practice and took a course in fitness training at Australian Institute of Fitness. She worked as a trainer and after her return to Slovakia she also took a yoga teacher training with Václav Krejčík and continued to study at different seminars and workshops dedicated to yoga.

Six years ago, when she was pregnant for the first time she came across with Pregnancy Yoga. For her, the expectation time was the best period of her life. Thanks to yoga she was full of energy, balanced, peaceful and fearless. Labor itself was for one of the best and most beautiful moments of her life. Her experience strengthened her trust in yoga and she decided to help other women to go thru their pregnancy consciously and experience their best.

She took the training on Pregnancy Yoga with Dana Beierova in Prague and started to teach classes to pregnant women. Her lectures are a combination of strengthening and dynamic asanas but also relaxing and calming postures. She emphasizes the importance of breath and deep relaxation.  She makes sure about the correct postures of the women especially pelvis, spine and breathing. Breath together with the movement can take us from thinking to feeling the body and our inner self and is very important as a preparation for delivery. Concerns and fear might be an undesirable part of the most women’s experience but it does not have to be a rule of thumb! A lot of new moms are coming back to Eva and her classes of Post-pregnancy yoga classes together with their new-born babies.

Currently she dedicates most of her time to her 2 kids and family.  


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