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I have been actively practising yoga since 2013 and it radically changed my personal and professional life. It makes a big sense to me to develop oneself on all the levels – physical, mental and

emotional. I can see a huge difference in me and people that practice it, too. Yoga is a moment of slowing down and being aware of what is and how we feel. It is also a way of how to become more compassionate for ourselves and the others, too. 

Until now I have attended Power yoga and Yin yoga teacher trainings. I spent one month in Indian Ashram in meditation program. I attend numerous courses, workshops and seminars orientated to yoga, self development, body work, emotions and mind. For several years I have been interested in ayurveda, currently I am going deeper into Yin yoga – connection between Hatha yoga and TCM. I blend my work with essential oils and do an Aromatouch technique – a clinique application of essential oils on the body.

In my own practice as well as during the private or group sessions I try to address the current state of the people as well as our physical and emotional needs. I focus on precise practicing of yoga asana, slowing down and getting attuned to our breath and body. I also use relaxing, meditation and visualization techniques.

I teach group sessions of Yin yoga and Vital yoga and private sessions. 


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