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When I was first introduced to yoga, a feeling of „something special“ sprang in me. I was not able to neither understand nor explain what it meant yet. Without further pursue, I rediscovered my motivation for the practice of yoga in 2015 when I started studying general medicine at the Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava. Left with a feeling fatigue by the stress and pressure exerted on medical students, I found relieve and a sweet escape in the time dedicated on the mat. Ever since, my passion for yoga has flourished, balancing me in my daily life. 

As my personal practice gave me the experience of bliss, I felt enthusiastic attending a 200 hours - Yoga Teacher Training focused on anatomy, physiology, yoga philosophy, asanas, meditation and Pranayama in order to share and deepen my love for yoga

Becoming acquainted with the fascinating human anatomy and physiology during the medical studies, I realize the importance of physical, mental and emotional health as the true essence of joyful life. After working as a medical assistance in a doctor’s clinic and now being in close contact with patients as a medical student, I see the significance of a trustful and compassionate connection in a doctor and patient - relationship. 

I intend to apply this concept in class by addressing general current health state or specific medical condition of the client. Their wellbeing and personal needs are my highest priority. My personal vision is to combine the benefits of the knowledge gained by evidence-based studies of medicine and the practice of yoga. What I am focused on, is how to serve as medic and teacher in order to improve life quality of an individual. The diversity of each being allows me thriving my knowledge, understanding, creativity, compassion and awareness leaving me with delight and contentment in both disciplines. 

Lastly, I am passionate about sharing my belief in empathy, authenticity, humbleness, calmness, a smile and an open heart when we meet others leaving us with a feeling of „something special“.


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