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I believe every single person has some special gift – we just need to find what it is and then live it fully. My gift is to share joy and energy with other people.

Because I am very active and I love dancing I became a Zumba instructor 8
years ago and I worked both in Slovakia and abroad. Later on, I have bumped into yoga and I knew from the very beginning it is the love at the first sight.

In 2014 I finished my Power yoga teacher training and started to actively teach. Two years later I visited Rishikesh (India) and attended a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. The 

Training included yoga, pranayama, meditation and cleaning techniques. I also work as a presenter in TV and radio and various public events. This kind of work requires a full focus and concentration and being present – yoga helps me to calm down my active mind, slow down, eliminate stress, it lets me be authentic and change my relations for better and last but not least deepen relationship with myself. There is a half funny and half true quote: Yoga can ruin your life – and I can only agree. For better, of course.

It opens up a new door and if we are courageous enough and willing to face the truth about ourselves we can only benefit.

The journey is not always pink and sweet but it’s worth it. So join me in this journey!


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