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Why to include yoga in your office?

Because healthy and relaxed employee is a key factor to a successful business!

Yoga can help to:

  1. Increase the efficiency, mental focus and motivation for work 
  2. Get a new work benefit for your employees
  3. Deepen the relationships in the office
  4. Take care of health and well-being of your employees 
  5. Develop your staff personaly and emotionally 
  6. Improve staff' time-management

We all know how sedentary life style can affect our health. Back-pain, weight gain, headaches, digestion issues are just few on the long list. 

Our method of Healthy back – blocks aims the spinal system mainly but positively affect the whole body. Moreover, we use essential oils that enhance and deepen the impact of yoga practice. These oils will help you to relax both physically and mentally.

Joga Zdravo Team have prepared several tailored options for you:

  • Regular yoga lessons directly in the premises of your company
  • Presentations and workshop of yoga, meditation and aromatherapy during Health or Sport Days in the company
  • Yoga lessons in the studio as part of the benefits for your employees

In case of the lessons in the company, you only need space, the rest will be taken care by us.

If you are interested to receive an offer, please contact us.


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