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We have decided to enrich our portfolio of classes with another method improving the health of spine and building strong muscles – Pilates.

The rythm of our day-to-day life, stress and workholism have a negative impact on us. There are visible blueprints on the posture of our body, walking and also our capacity to focus either on ourselves or things happening around us. It is then very important to learn how to work effectively with your body and one of the great options is pilates.

Pilates method was designed by Joseph H. Pilates more than 100 years ago. He was working in hospital during the First World War and he was taking care of immobile patients and people with different mobility problems. After the war, he emmigrated to US. In New York he opened his own studio, where he adjusted his method to the public. He merged techniques of yoga with modern techniques for building the muscles.

The aim of pilates is to unite the body and the mind. It teaches us how to breathe correctly, focus and feel the 

movement itself. Contemporary pilates can be considered as a complex method of exercises, that helps us to strengthen the muscles and also uses the techniques of modern rehabilitation.

Pilates can be used as a compensation, therapy or fitness training. It is suitable for all age ranges because it is beneficial for both, the joints and the spine.

It is also suitable as a complementary training for professional sportsmen/sportswomen.

The method of Pilates in our center that is taught by Zuzka Terkovicova, is especially focused on the back and body posture. The main focus of the class is to balance the disharmonies in the body and disbalances between the overworked and weak parts.

Benefits of the Pilates are: correct breathing, relaxation of the mind, correct posture, strong core, elimination of wrong movement stereotypes, improvement of flexibility and strength of the whole body, elimination of the back pain and migrenes and many others.

J.H. Pilates once wrote:

“After 10 classes you will feel differently. After 20 classes you will look better and after 30 classes you may get a new body.”

Basic principles of the Pilates method:

Breathing, Concentration, Core, Control, Precision and Continuity.

Continous and deep breathing is one of the most important principles of Pilates exercise. It improves our ability to relax, eliminate stress, lower the blood pressure, improves concentration and helps us to use specific muscle groups, that we do not normally use.

In Pilates we breathe into the chest - lateral or side breathing. Deep inhale thru the nose and exhale thru the mouth. The reason why Pilates opted for this kind of breathing is that it helps us to maintain contraction of abdominal muscles during the whole exercise. Strong core helps us to perform the exercise correctly, it improves the stability of the body, helps us to coordinate movements of legs and arms and also protects the spine.

Continous breathing is essential as it sets the dynamics of the exercise. We should never hold the breath.

Pilates requires 100% concentration of the mind so the movement is precise in all its phases. When we realize the rhythm of our breathe and we blend it with the movement, we achieve the maximum effect of the exercise.


Text: Joga Zdravo


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